We at Old Home Foods are proud of our Minnesota heritage and passionate about our products.  Our story began in 1912, when a

Swedish immigrant named Peter Arthur Hanson started a dairy in St. Paul.  From this humble beginning,

four generations of Hanson’s have provided local patrons the finest refrigerated products available…

Products you’re proud to serve!

Our History


P.A. Hanson Starts Rice Street Dairy in St. Paul, Minnesota


P.A. and a small group of local businessmen purchase the Casey Pure Milk Company and rename the combined company St. Paul Milk Company, based on community input solicited in the local paper.


Old Home Creameries is incorporated in Minnesota and begins producing cottage cheese in Watertown and Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Before this, there was no regularly available commercially distributed cottage cheese in the area.


P.A. and four sons purchase the Minnesota Milk Company


Old Home becomes the first to market Yogurt in the Twin Cities using Dr. Gaymont’s formula.


The Hanson’s purchase Old Home Creameries and combine operations with Minnesota Milk renaming the combined companies: Old Home Foods, Inc. 


P.A. passes away and his son George guides the company


George’s leadership cements Old Home as a Minnesota tradition while being #1 in Cottage Cheese, #1 in Sour Cream, and #1 in Yogurt. 


George passes away and his son Rick takes the helm.


Old Home begins offering a line of all natural, non-GMO refrigerated peanut butter in the dairy section of local grocers


Rick passes away and his 3 daughters step into leadership of the company – the first generation of women to do so.

Old Home Philosophy:

Our family’s passion for quality began four generations ago when Great Granddad started a dairy in St. Paul. He strongly believed in bringing people together to enjoy delicious meals made from the finest products. Today this family tradition continues at Old Home. We are honored that our products have earned lasting support from our community. Our promise: to offer the highest quality foods with superior taste, and premium texture …

Products You’re Proud to Serve! 

With sincere gratitude, thank you for choosing Old Home Foods!

The Hanson Sisters

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