Small family enterprises. The Old Home Foods of today is a small, family-owned business in its fourth generation of Hanson family ownership. Old Home Foods and the Hanson family have a long history of St. Paul heritage, beginning with P.A. Hanson who came to live in St. Paul in the late 1890’s. Old Home recently adopted Deena’s Gourmet from its founders, Deena & Dave Kvasnik. Deena began creating her unique hummus flavors in her kitchen 10 years ago when Deena made a career change in conjunction with starting a family. Dave, an extremely resourceful and determined spouse, supported Deena’s unique healthy hummus & dips as popularity grew.


Shared St. Paul roots. Like Deena, the Hanson’s have deep St. Paul roots. The Hanson Sisters great-grandfather P.A. Hanson started his first dairy on Rice Street in St. Paul 106 years ago. He and his sons partnered in multiple St. Paul dairy companies throughout the 20th century including St. Paul Milk Company, Minnesota Milk Company and Old Home.


An open adoption. After taking the company as far as she could, Deena reached out to see if Old Home Foods would be interested in adopting her “baby.” After tasting Deena’s hummus, The Hanson sisters were enthusiastic, agreeing to adoption – as long as Deena would continue to be involved with the upbringing. So it became an open adoption, exciting for all parties involved.


Unique flavors. Deena’s signature hummus does not have tahini in it. In a delicious twist, many of the hummus flavors contain feta cheese, which gives it it’s trademark tangy flavor. Some of our product line includes Red Pepper & Feta Hummus, Black Bean Chipotle Hummus, Bloody Mary Dip, and Lemony Thyme Spread, to name a few.


Connecting more people with Deena’s. Old Home’s goal is to help  more people experience the unique flavors that Deena has created. Hummus is a healthy and delicious snack, full of protein, that families can come together for and enjoy. Introducing more families to Deena’s is an important part of our company’s effort to shift our offering toward healthier options.


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